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Well... I Say "Theme"... BUT... There’s Actually 20 Themes In Total... and I’m Offering FREE Developer Rights To All Of Them For A LIMITED Time!...

Dear Future Money Maker,

I’ll be quick here… everyone knows that building a mobile optimized version of your normal website is a must these days right? And everyone knows that people are going CRAZY trying to figure out the BEST way to go about it... both offline and online...

Well, today YOU can be the answer their problems whilst making some EXTRA cash doing it... because i’m offering you a FREE DEVELOPER RIGHTS to exactly 20 BRAND NEW mobile optimized wordpress themes... KA-CHING!


"WpMobiBiz Wordpress Mobile Theme"

These themes are mobile website ready and are built for use with Wordpress blogs… this means that you and your customers can have a mobile website that’s powered by the most popular CMS around. With the amount of plugins available for Wordpress this also means adding features to these mobile website themes is a breeze!

I could go on and on about the benefits of using Wordpress and these themes to power your mobile website, but if you’re reading this there’s a 99% chance you already know the features and benefits…


  • SEO Friendly
  • Works On All Modern Mobiles
  • Easy To Edit
  • Wordpress Based
  • Contact Form Included
  • QR Code Plugin Included
  • Google Maps Plugin Included
  • Click To Call Plugin Included

Here are a few ways you can MAKE MONEY by owning developer rights to these themes...

  • Use them to build mobile websites for your offline clients
  • Use them to build your own network of mobile ready websites
  • Build mobile websites and sell them on Flippa
You’ll get 20 versions of this mobile website Wordpress theme that will work on ALL smartphones, in 20 different colours.

There’s also detailed video tutorials included that will walk you through setting up mobile sites with these themes… which means.. in LESS than 30 minutes from now.. you will be able to create mobile websites on demand… cool eh?

We’ll also throw in some nifty little plugins that enhances the themes straight away. You’ll get a "Click And Call" plugin, a "Contact Form" plugin, a "Wordpress Google Maps" plugin and a "QR Code Generator" plugin as well…

Have a look at the demo by visiting the link below with
your mobile phone to browse the site: http://1checkoutcart.com/wpmobibiz

Your license allows you to build unlimited sites with the themes, sell the sites you build, use for offline or online purposes, and you can edit the themes and change the designs as you and your clients wish.

You could quite easily charge $195 a pop to create a mobile version of an offline business's website and.. once you watch the included "look over my shoulder" video tutorials you'll see that you can create these mobile sites in about 20 minutes each.

I don't know how much you'd pay to have 20 mobile optimized Wordpress themes created, but you don't have to worry about that now do you?

Instead, you can just click the ADD TO CART button below and get INSTANT ACCESS to this package TODAY for a silly, LOW price!

How much you ask?...

Only $27

P.S. FULL SUPPORT is provided for this product... if you're stuck with anything, i'll do my utmost best to help you as quickly as possible...

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