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From The Desk Of:  Dan Harless

Dear Fellow Markerter:

Let me as you a question.....Do You BLOG?
I hope your answer is YES!


Well blogging is.......


One of the best ways to monetize your business.
Great for building your list with targeted leeds.
The easiest way to  get very good ranking in the search engines.
A great way to create profit pulling websites from a membership site to an authority site, Adsense site or a review blog


Now you know some reasons why you must blog....

The question is ...How Do I Blog Correctly For Success?

I highly recommend Wordpress as your Blogging Platform!


Why? You Ask.....

Well there are other platforms you can use like Google's Blogger.com but you get way more flexibility with Wordpress.


Wordpress gives you Complete Control with.....

Over 2,700 different powerful plugins available  that will automate, optimize & monitize all your blogging needs.
Professionalize your Blog with many of the high quality themes available VIA your admin panel or 3rd party providers.
The use of some the great built in controls available to you with in the control panel.


In nutshell, Wordpress gives you the flexibility to optimize your blogging success.


However, many Internet Marketers, particularly the new marketers, find Wordpress can be confusing and overwhelming - there are over 2,700 different plugins available, thousands of themes and it can very quickly become a bit confusing.


Which plugins should you use?
How do you configure in the most profitable way?
How do you make it look professional?
How can you monetize it?
How can you stop yourself being flooded by blog comment spam?

No need to worry.......

I have spend countless hours finding the correct plugins to automate, optimize & monetize all your blogging needs.

And the best part ......

I produced some great step by step  informative video tutorials to take away all the unknowns  on setting up a successful Wordpress Blog....


Just Have A At
What You Receive!


Installing Wordpress really quite simple.

You can install VIA your host Cpanel or a more difficult method  (no Cpanel) by uploading and running install.

Both methods are covered so no matter what you will be able to install Wordpress.

2 Part Video Set.

Total Run Time : 20 minutes

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Once you have installed Wordpress it's very important to Keep your install up to date.

Wordpress automatically notifies you of a new version VIA your Admin Control Panel.

This Video shows you the correct way to do update and protect from data loss.

Run Time: 7:30

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I have researched and selected some of the best plugins to use to optimize your Wordpress blog.

You will ....

Optimize your blog for top search engine ranking.
your blog with adsense, banner ads, affiliate products , & keyword linking.
Protect your blog from spam & over pinging.
Adding Opt-in Form Code To Your Blog.

4 Videos Set- Total Run Time:

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Advertising Products on your blog is a great way to earn some extra money ....

You don't have to use affiliate products but depending on your blog topic or post topic an affiliate product might be needed.

This video shows you how to use a great plug-in to strategically place banner ads on your blog/posts for best results.

The plug-in shows click stats as well...

Run Time: 18:46

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Adsense is a fantastic way to monetize your blog. High CPA keywords = High Paypouts.

This video shows you how to use this fantastic plug-in to strategically place adsense ads on your blog/posts for best results.

It works with Goggle Adsense and other CPA programs.

Run Time: 17:32

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Monetizing Your Blog with revenue streams is key to producing Tons Of Cash.

You can now set affiliated or your own products to keywords with in your posts.

The keyword is hyperlink to a related product.

Very easy to use.....

Run Time: 7:44

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Building Your List Is The Key To Internet Marketing Success!

I will show you how to use a great plugin that allows you to set up 3rd Party Autorespoder Opt-in Forms on your blog in strategic locations.

It can't get any better, building your list of targeted subscribers.

Run Time: 15:37

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These 2 bonus plugins are a wordpress bloggers dream....

Not only will you automate your posting to your blogs but you also make your content unique.

I will show you how to post a folder of articles alphabetically at different intervals with a click of a button.

I will also show you how to setup the autotomator to write meta keywords & description for each post which shows on the post pages.

And guess what ....Your content will be unique!

Run Time: 18:20

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It's very import to add related content to your blog.

Search Engines love related content, so now you can use a very cool site to steam in related video on a video flash menu.

I show you how to do this on your main blog index and post pages.

You can control how many video show in the menu.

3 Videos - Total Run Time: 19:47



Valued At $47

This Is Truly A Must Have For Any Wordpress Blogger.

You can....

Completely Automate Your Blog Posting.
Set Meta Descriptions & Keywords to each post page
Post 1, 2, 3....30 articles with one click.
Set the time interval between posts (daily , weekly, monthly).
All articles are posted alphabetically from the file name.
Video Tutorials on using the plugin.

It's Your Very Own Wordpress Automatic Posting Plugin.

LINK TO SALES PAGE - Blog Post Automator


 There are a few terms we are placing on this master resell license:

1. That you under no circumstances bundle or package "Blog Post Automator" with more that 1 additional product on any one website regardless of who created them.

This applies to you and everyone that you happen to sell these rights to on down the line.

2. This software may never be given away for free or as a bonus to any other product, this includes giveaway offers.

3. This product may not be sold on eBay or any other internet auction site. This just devalues the product for everyone when some joker starts selling it there for $5 so don't do it or your license will be immediately and unilaterally revoked, and we will seek legal damages against you.


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Valued At $47


If you use WordPress as a blogging platform then chances are good you are familiar with plugins like Blog Post Automator which automatically pulls articles from a folder & post them. 

Content Bye-Bye
works hand in hand with these types of plugins.

It takes the content that is being posted, works its magic and gives you content that is unique to you which in turn gives you a hell of a better chance of achieving excellent rankings. Which of course we all know, means more money.

Truly Amazing And It Can Be  All Yours...

This Plugin Requires PHP 5 Or Greater.



 Duplicate Bye Bye Wordpress Plugin - MASTER RESALE RIGHTS TERMS

 [NO] Can Claim full ownership
 [YES] Can be added to paid membership sites (min. $27 monthly fee)
 [YES] Can be packaged with other products
 (min. selling price $27 and no more than 5 products)
 [YES] Can be sold (min. selling price $17)
 [NO] Can be given away
 [YES] Can sell Resale Rights
 [YES] Can sell Master Resale Rights
 [NO] Can sell Private Label Rights
 [YES] Can be offered through auction sites (min. selling price $17)

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[YES] Can Be Sold
[YES] Can Be Packaged
[YES] Can Be Offered As a Bonus
[YES] Can Be Added As Web Content
[YES] Can Be Used For Product Creation
[YES] Can Be Added To a Paid Membership
[YES] Can Be Used As Autoresponder Series





10 High Quality Video Tutorials To Optimize & Monetize My Wordpress Blog.
Valued At: $67

Master Resell Rights To Blog Post Automator Content Bye-Bye
Valued At: $97

600 Unrestricted Private Label Right Articles.
Valued At: $47

An  Exact Copy Of This High Quality Professional Sales Page.

For All You Rap Action Profit Users.
I am Also Throwing In A Complete Ready To go Sale System With Header, Footer, Affiliate Tools, Salespage, OTO Page. Just Add You Details, Upload And Your Ready o Go.


Valued At: $347

Total Value: $558



I could easy charge $500 To $600 For this Fantastic Package......

But I am not out to take a large some of money from you........


I want to make it easy for you to pick up this package because you deserve a TOP TEN SEARCH ENGINE RANKING.

So I am Not Going To Charge $500, $250, $150 or $75 ..........


You're Going To receive This Package With Master Resell Rights.....

FOR ONLY...........$27


Yes, Dan Want To Own This Fantastic Wordpress Video Collection.

Yes, I want will learn all the top optimization techniques for my Worpress Blogs so I can get a Top Ten Search Engine Ranking.
Yes, I want  to monetize my blogs so I can earn top $$$$$.
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To Your Blogging Success,

Dan Harless

My Blog.


Have A Great Day

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