"Would You Like To Transform Any File Such As Images, .Zips, Rar, PDF and Almost Any Other Files Available Into A Full Blown Viral Marketing Beast That Allows You To Push
And Market Your Products And Affiliate
Links Effortlessly 24/7/365?"

The Amazing New Tool That Is Unlike Any Other And Brings Viral Marketing To A Whole New Level!



From: Dan Harless



Dear Marketers,


Ask any marketer, be it in any given market, and they will tell you directly that making money on the internet is all about bringing traffic to your offers....the equation is pretty simple:

Traffic + MORE Traffic = Much Much More Money!!

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” - Archimedes

Leveraging on the internet, lies in the exact same principal:

"Give me a tool strong enough to be my lever and I'll become a guru raking in thousands"

You can of course go for the tried and tested method of SEO marketing and participating in free giveaways or just gather a list of JVs to help market your product.....


You can go for the leveraging method by leveraging on EVERY SINGLE product download (free or paid) and INCREASE THE EFFECTIVENESS when you do SEO marketing and participating in free giveaways or just gathering a list of JVs to help market your product....

Btw, have you heard of:

Winzip? Yes No
PDF? Yes No
.exe? Yes No
MSWord? Yes No
.jpg? Yes No
.PSD? Yes No
.txt? Yes No

If you have answered "NO" to more than 3 of the file types above....is this your first time visiting this planet? :)

But seriously, those file types above are the most used formats in ANY digital communications...and

Now WHAT IF you can rebrand every single one of them with a promotion, a greeting card, your name, your picture or an opt in form? Wouldn't that be great?....(it's ok, you can nod your head and smile, no one's looking ;) )


Create Chaos and Hunger Where You Will
Be The Underlining Constant!

Some 'Innocent' Ideas You Can Put Into Action IMMEDIATELY:
  • Broadcast a PDF report to your subscriber base branded using Viralized File Brander, and then encourage them to distribute the article or report freely to their friends.

  • Let your new subscribers download your freebie and by using the viralized file brander, entice them by providing them an incentive to refer more subscribers and download more free items. Your list of course will grow exponentially. ;)

  • Record an mp3 Podcast of yourself reading an article or a jingle or just some motivational quotes, brand it and allow free downloads across the most popular social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Multiply, etc...etc
  • Participate in free giveaway events, by branding a resellable product (remember to check TOS of respective products)...and you know the rest...

  • Capture a recent event using your camera, brand the jpg, gif, png file, give it to your friends, family and subscribers, and you'll see magic happen right in front of your eyes.
  • Brand any product that allows sharing (please ensure you have the rights for it) and upload it to free torrent sites, allowing free downloads...it can be a simple one page review or to an entire zip package, containing viral pdf reports..and build your online business like wild fire!

So HOW Exactly Does Viralized File Brander Work?

It could have been a lengthy explanation for most products but VFP cuts through the mess and lets you brand any product within minutes!

That's IT, a New Branded File In 2 Minutes Or Less!!

Now you might be thinking that a much needed, excellent tool like this will cost an arm and a leg...

If you had to hire a programmer to create this system for you, you could spend upwards of $1200 to $1500 dollars to have this put together... But, I'm not going to even come close to that price!

But like all great things, the end product turns out to be so amazing that it can be applied to other tasks and other industries as well.

And what we have right now is just the tip of the iceberg.

Own this magnificent solution today and conquer new grounds with the power it'll give you!

Well this is the time to do just that! You can't start to earn an incredible living on the internet until you finally step-up and Take Action...

Oh and let us not forget about how much time and effort you get to save altogether! Obviously, your time and effort are worth more than saving a measly $"?" The choice is clear - order right now.


If you have read this far, then most likely you're in the same business as I am...and we sure deal with a lot of internet stuffs and non viral marketing and branding awareness is one thing that you can't deny to boost your profits! And for only the price of $24.95, this monster of a tool can be yours now!!

While it will cost anyone a good $500 to get JUST ONE BUILT, you are able to rip it for only $24.95. And its 100% risk free which means if you don't like them, I will be the one begging on the street for alms.....you're the definite winner in any case, left, right, top and bottom, you'll win, period!

With this deal, you can only gain by getting a copy now!

Requirements: Windows ME/XP or higher.
Microsoft Office .NET Framework Installed (Installed by default in MS Windows)

[NO] Comes with saleletter
[NO] Can be sold
[NO] Can be packaged with other products
(As long as the product is a paid product)
[NO] Can be offered as a bonus
(As long as the product is a paid product)
[NO] Can be added to membership sites
(As long as the product is a paid product)
[NO] Can sell Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[NO] Can be given away
[NO] Re-distribute Header Brander Application
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights
[NO] Can Be Edited Completely and Your Name Put on it
[NO] Can be offered through auction sites
[NO] Includes Viral Desktop Installer


Yes Dan! I Just Have To Have Viralized File Brander!
Count Me In Right Now!


Your information is safe and will never be shared.
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Requirements: Windows ME/XP or higher.
Microsoft Office .NET Framework Installed
(Installed by default in PC)

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If you experience any difficulty in downloading, please Contact me at Support

Grab Your "Viralized File Brander"
Now For Only $24.95

You can download it right now -- even if it's 2:00 a.m in the wee hours of morning.! 


Dan Harless


P.S. And so now you've a choice...

You are able to plainly take me up with this very overgenerous offering, while it is still available, and add $100s -- maybe even $1000s -- of increased revenues to your bottom line -- on all the glory and victory that flows from that.

Or you might make that miserable mistake for which you'll HATE yourself, afterwards . . .

. . . you can shut this window and continue downloading as usual . . . make less than you' deserve . . . allowing that abundant, no-limits living you deserve blow over, while you continue barely scraping along. What a pity . . .

. . . when all you've to do is seize this right away and have your entire world altered for the better because the viral marketing tool you now have in your hold in truth is that powerful!

P.P.S. Here's the deal. When I say that you can't possibly lose with this investment, I really do mean it.

Picture this: You get your copy now, you try it for 30 days, you make tons of profits and if we still fail to delight you, just send us an email and we will issue you a full refund. How's that for assurance?


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