Video Series Shows You Exactly How To Setup Your Own Top Of The Line Short URL System

You No Longer Have To Put Up With Slow And Crappy Service!

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Dear Online Marketers,

How many times have you wished you could recover or change that "real money making" affiliate URL that you made shorter? How about the one that you masked and the affiliate stopped paying, but your traffic is still going there? Where is the traffic coming from?

Does this sound familiar? Of course it does! It happens 100's (if not 1000's) of times a day to people just like you and I.

It no longer has to be like this...

I can show you how to take control of your own short URL's with a open source script that is simple to install and use. Take a look at these screen shots taken from the web interface:

This Is A Perfect Time To Build Your Own Short URL System!

The script that will be controlling your short URL system is open source
. What this means is you are free to modify it to fit your needs. You can add features, remove features or just about anything you can think of. I will provide you with a copy and show you where to get free updates.

Best thing is the script works and works great as is. Follow the step-by-step videos below to setup the script and start making short URL's in about 30 minutes from now.

You no longer have to wonder how well your short URL is performing or changing the destination at a later date. The system is on your web hosting account, you own and control it!

Here Are Some Key Features:

  • Create Your Own Private Short URL System
  • Option To Make A Public Service
  • Track By Click (Country) Location
  • Track By Traffic Referring URL
  • Track By Amount Of Clicks/Hits
  • One Click Share On Twitter & Facebook
  • Optional WordPress Short URL Plugin
  • Open Source Code
  • Optional RSS Feed

Video Subjects Covered:

Video One: Overview of the short URL system

Video Two: Setting up your mySQL and the config file

Video Three: FTP'ing and installing the script on your server

Video Four: Testing install and adding first short URL

Video Five: Using built in browser bookmarklets

Video Six: Setting the companion WordPress plugin

Video Seven: How to change the logo and footer information

Video Eight: Setting up short URL system for public sharing

All videos are provided in the industry standard Adobe Flash format.

You No Longer Have To Rely On Services That
May Be Here Today And Disappear Tomorrow!

With the information I have supplied in these videos, anyone that can follow simple instructions in the English language can set this system up. There are no special tools or expensive programs needed. A simple text editor like "Notepad" is all that is needed to follow along and make simple edits.

As with any PHP script, there are server requirements. 99% of Linux-Apache type servers have what it takes to run this system. Any hosting provider such as Hostgator will work. This video series was made using Hostgator as the hosting provider.

Short URL Script Server Requirements:

 - Linux-Apache Type Web Server
 - Mod Rewrite Enabled
 - At Least PHP 4.3
 - At Least mySQL 4.1
( 99% Of All Host Have This)

As you can see this is a very simple system that just about anyone can install and use cheap webhosting to run it. What are you waiting on?

Today is the day that you can take control of your own short URL's!

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* Very Important: This Product Cannot Be Sold Until
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I know the above contains a lot of NO's, but they are in place for you as much as me. Hopefully this will help the product retain value longer period, which means more sales for you...

If you cannot or are not willing to accept and follow the terms, simply do not order.

Best Regards,

Dan Harless

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installation service, we provide this for a one time fee of $50 paid in advance.

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