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100 Magical Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Commissions...


"It's Like Being Armed With
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From the Desk of:
Anders Eriksson & The Genie
Date: Monday, January 14, 2008


Dear Friend!


I'll just get straight to the point. There's a spellbinding offer on the table and I know you don't want it to disappear......


Here's what this is all about: I'm offering you a new report called "Super Affiliate Wizard: 100 Magical Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Commissions".


It includes some of the greatest affiliate marketing strategies ever created and they're all together in one mystical report:


"Have you heard of these super affiliate strategies before?"


1. The "Best Money" Spell
2. The "Reluctant At First" Spell
3. The "First And Only" Spell
4. The "No Hesitation" Spell
5. The "Regret It" Spell
6. The "Without A Doubt" Spell
7. The "I Didn't" Spell
8. The "Only My Opinion" Spell
9. The "I'm Not Kidding" Spell
10. The "Words Can't Describe" Spell
11. The "Stop Now" Spell
12. The "Best So Far" Spell
13. The "My Idea" Spell
14. The "It Does" Spell
15. The "Thankful" Spell
16. The "Quick Rewards" Spell
17. The "One Is Worth It" Spell
18. The "Worth More" Spell
19. The "10 Out Of 10" Spell
20. The "I Was Skeptical" Spell
21. The "Buying Wish" Spell
22. The "Spent A Lot" Spell
23. The "Biggest Benefit" Spell
24. The "None Came Close" Spell
25. The "Best Ever" Spell
26. The "Not The Only One" Spell
27. The "Similar Ones" Spell
28. The "Crazy Or Not" Spell
29. The "Than It Promises" Spell
30. The "Outdone Themselves" Spell
31. The "Percentage Bribe" Spell
32. The "It's A Joke" Spell
33. The "Long Term" Spell
34. The "Another Scam?" Spell
35. The "Pays For Itself" Spell
36. The "Scared Of Competition" Spell
37. The "One Word" Spell
38. The "Minutes Ago" Spell
39. The "Living Without It" Spell
40. The "Told Loved Ones" Spell
41. The "Seconds Away" Spell
42. The "Rarely Do" Spell
43. The "Anyone Serious?" Spell
44. The "Use It A Lot" Spell
45. The "Professional Opinion" Spell
46. The "Take It With You" Spell
47. The "Honest Owner" Spell
48. The "Recommend It Too" Spell
49. The "Barely Scratching" Spell
50. The "Biggest Complaint" Spell
51. The "Feel Sorry" Spell
52. The "X's The Price" Spell
53. The "Meet Me Halfway" Spell
54. The "Best Thing Since" Spell
55. The "You Realize It Now" Spell
56. The "Wasn't Sure" Spell
57. The "Jealousy" Spell
58. The "Seen It All" Spell
59. The "A Little Extra" Spell
60. The "Long Time Ago" Spell
61. The "Free Promotion" Spell
62. The "Better Than Nothing" Spell
63. The "I'll Train You" Spell
64. The "Right For You?" Spell
65. The "Made A Deal" Spell
66. The "Know From Experience" Spell
67. The "Bought It Again" Spell
68. The "I Won't Sell It" Spell
69. The "First To Hear" Spell
70. The "Over And Over" Spell
71. The "I Found It" Spell
72. The "Higher Income" Spell
73. The "Nothing Like It" Spell
74. The "I'd Be Shocked" Spell
75. The "Can Only Imagine" Spell
76. The "Friends" Spell
77. The "One Word Reaction" Spell
78. The "Done It Again" Spell
79. The "Can't Match It" Spell
80. The "Saw My Friend" Spell
81. The "Stop Thinking" Spell
82. The "Thumbs Up" Spell
83. The "Diamond" Spell
84. The "Opportunity" Spell
85. The "Too Good" Spell
86. The "Good Service" Spell
87. The "Bought Them All" Spell
88. The "Word Burst" Spell
89. The "Excited" Spell
90. The "Physical Reaction" Spell
91. The "Owner Bonuses" Spell
92. The "Sub It Up" Spell
93. The "Won't Without It" Spell
94. The "Honesty" Spell
95. The "Just See It" Spell
96. The "You Won't Fail" Spell
97. The "Weird Sound" Spell
98. The "All The Perks" Spell
99. The "Fringe Benefits" Spell
100. The "Divided And Conquer" Spell


I doubt, you would find a bigger collection of super affiliate secrets of this nature any where on the planet. Did you know that it's possible that just one successful affiliate tactic could give you everything you've ever wanted in life. Why not know as many as you can?


Listen up, nobody knows all these secrets but me, my current customers and quite possibly your competition. But you can change all that by taking me up on this amazing offer today. Most marketers wouldn't be willing to share all 100 of these affiliate marketing secrets but I'm not greedy.





"Those are great secrets...

How Can I Get A Piece of That?"



I am busting out the goods and sharing with you how you can instantly learn how to become a shining star on the Internet Marketing scene and use these powerful secrets to your advantage!

This guide is great not only for beginners but has excellent tips for advanced users as well...



As with everything I do and teach, there is work involved. If you still expect to grow your business by doing nothing then this guide is not for you.


Let me stress... it is NOT hard!



"Not Only That - Today I'm Going to Give YOU the Chance to "Jump on My Shoulders" and Help Secure Your Place in the Internet Revolution.."



Yes - I'm giving the Master Resell Rights (MRR) to the "Super Affiliate Wizard" guide!



MRR gives you the right to sell the "Super Affiliate Wizard" on your website (or anywhere else) using the amazing included sales letter (you are reading it now).







Nothing In Internet Marketing is HARD.
So Please, Spare Me the “It's Too Hard” Speech
Because it Simply is Not True...

Everything can be broken down into manageable chunks and then pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle.




This Isn't For Everybody...

and It May Not Be for You!


I know what you're thinking... A lot of products have been designed for beginners, while a lot of them are for more advanced marketers, so which one is this?


I've designed this guide so that everybody will benefit from it. Whether you're just getting started and don't even have a site up yet, or you're like me and have been around forever, you'll benefit from my knowledge.


Still, this product may not be for you...regardless of your level of marketing experience.


What I mean by that is...

It Won't Just Magically Add Money to Your Bank Account Simply by Having This Guide on Your Computer....

Of course, if you're willing to do a little bit of work to get things going, these secrets are for you.


What if just one super affiliate strategy makes you an additional $10,000 this year?


What if you only use 5 out of 100 of the strategies and they each they each make you only $5000?


- That's an extra $25,000 this year you didn't have before.





I won't say anything more to try to "convince you" to purchase this guide. If you have read the bullets, you understand that this is killer stuff. No mind-games as far as the price goes either.




Make 20 Times Your Investment Back Within 60 Days or Less - or Owe Nothing!


I'll make my guarantee as simple as possible:


Get the guide. Go through it. Start implementing the secrets I reveal. If you haven't made at least 20 times your investment back in the next 60 days, I will refund your money.


And, you can evaluate the guide and use the secrets for 8 full weeks. If at any point you feel that it is not for you, I will refund all your money- and you can keep the guide for free!


Fair enough? I hope so.


It's Easy... Either it Works for
You or Your Money Back!


Again, all of the risk is on me. I allow you to try all of the information and if you don't like it, you get 100% of your money and the product to keep.


No hard feelings...





So.. you want to know what it will cost you to get access to Super Affiliate Wizard?


Well.. for the time being...



I'm only charging $7 and not giving

Super Affiliate Wizard away, for 2 reasons.

  1. $7 puts the report within reach of the vast majority of people. It's not too expensive for even the humblest beginning online entreprenuer.

  2. Anyone who's not serious enough about building a long term business to invest $7 into this guide isn't going to take the time to use the techniques laid out anyway.





YES! Give Me Immediate Access to Super Affiliate Wizard with Master Resell Rights




If You Do Nothing... You Get Nothing... Simple As That... Get Access Now:



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See You On The Other Side!


To your online success,



Anders Eriksson & The Genie



PS: Really... for $7 ... I've done everything in my power to bring you this amazing guide. You have, at your fingertips, access to the information which has taken me months to figure out!


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