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"Discover How You Can Give
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Build a Targetted Niche Blog in a Couple of Hours
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From the desk of: Paul Mihai Pavel & Dan Harless

Dear Online Entrepreneur,

Today I'd like to show you easy it is to build lots of niche sites that will bring you in a small stream of income each.

You can do this naturally by building the sites and then having them fill themselves with content over time.

If you know how to install WordPress and upload and activate a plugin, it can all be done EASILY, and it's called autoblogging.

Introducing Smart Autoblogger...

Smart Autoblogger is an easy to use plugin that will allow you to schedule your blog posts out for months or even years, just by uploading a zip file filled with free articles you snagged from one of the article directories.

Up to today, the problem with building huge content sites is it normally takes a long time and a lot of effort if you want to get plenty of organic earch engine traffic and reap the rewards.

Now all you have to do is put in one bit of effort for a couple of hours and then just be patient.

Two hours is all it takes to get yourself a new site all set up that will over time fill itself up with content.

Once your site is automatically filling up with regular posts, you can then decide how you want to monetise it. ClickBank ads? AdSense? AdSpurt? Amazon or eBay widgets? It's completely up to you.

And while you can't shorten the time it takes to get a site recognised in the search engines, you can shorten the effort needed to set it up in the first place.


Here's What You Need To Do

  • Install WordPress using Fantastico - 2 minutes.
  • Upload and activate Smart Autoblogger - 1 minute.
  • Use Smart Autoblogger to browse to your articles zip file, upload and see them get scheduled - 1 minute.
  • Move onto your next site. You're done.
  • The site you've just built will now appear to grow naturally over time even though you may not touch it for months or even years.

All that remains is to wait 4-6 weeks to allow your site to get established in the search engines, and then choose your monetisation method.

Don't you agree that by doing as you are now (nothing), you'll never know if your business could be performing much better, and that you'll also be losing out on a free pay rise?

Don't miss out on this. Many split testing scripts are VERY expensive, costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But not Smart Autoblogger.

Take advantage of my current good mood and grab Smart Autoblogger now while you can at this bargain basement price. After I've hit my target 200 sales, the price WILL go up. Although this is such an amazing way of giving yourself a free pay rise, you probably wouldn't mind paying TEN times the price you see today.


But Wait! Now Comes the Best Part:

  • You can use basic HTML tags to insert BOLD TEXT, ITALIC TEXT and UNDERLINED TEXT, or any combination of these.
  • Images can be inserted in your post too, by using a IMG SRC tag.
  • Hyperlinks can also be included in your posts by using a basic A HREF tag.

What does this mean? It means that you can include in your posts an image of a product, affiliate links or, even better, links to your own products... For example you can link your main keywords to any related products... And Google loves this kind of links... Just use your imagination...

Two Hours or Four Minutes

"But..." I can hear you say, "that's only FOUR minutes, what about the TWO hours you mentioned?"

The two hours is the time you need to put aside to spend on deciding your niche, registering a domain, and gathering free articles from the article sites.

Ask yourself this.

If it costs you just TWO hours of your time to do pick a niche, register a domain name, install WordPress via Fantastico and add the plugin and finally queue the articles with Smart Autoblogger, then don't you think that two hours is time spent wisely?

Background and Principles

  • All the search engines want to deliver good quality search results.
  • There are HUGE amounts of free articles on virtually any subject you choose.
  • You're building sites from keyword targetted articles on single topics.
  • The articles naturally have lots of long tail and LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords.
  • Your sites will inevitably begin to rank for many of the keywords you're targetting.
  • You will get traffic to those sites from the search engines.
  • Visitors will click on your ads. You will make money.
  • Repeat.

As well as making money from visitors clicking your ads, you can also offer to give them a free report (which consists of nothing but all the articles compiled into a PDF) in return for their name and email address, and build a niche mailing list.

You then send out emails to this niche list about products you're promoting with your affiliate links embedded. Doing this is probably the best thing you can do in some markets as you can advertise again and again to the same interested buyers.

The important thing is, you have the choice of monetising your blog in any way you see fit.

Get Smart Autoblogger Now

You could spend weeks, months and YEARS building a targetted niche site by hand with articles you've written yourself.

OR, you could just use this WordPress and Smart Autoblogger to build your site in a couple of hours and sit back while it GROWS ITSELF over time...

Order Completely Risk-Free Today With Our Full Iron-Clad 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee...

If you are not completely satisfied with the Smart Autoblogger for any reason, I'll give you a full refund of your money with no questions asked.

Take advantage of my current good mood and grab Smart Autoblogger now while you can at this bargain basement price. After I've hit my target 200 sales, the price WILL go up. Although this is such an amazing way of giving yourself a pay rise, you probably wouldn't mind paying TEN times the price you see today.

Get Your Copy Now!

Only $27.00



Paul Mihai Pavel & Dan Harless

P.S. I'm very confident you'll enjoy the Smart Autoblogger plugin and how easy it is to use.

P.P.S. Gathering the articles you need from the free article sites is easy - just search, copy and paste.

P.P.P.S. Putting up niche web sites with WordPress is probably as easy as brushing your teeth. Combine WordPress and free articles and you'll get traffic!


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