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Instant, High-Paying, In-Demand Moneymaking Billboard's Hot 50 Artist's Video Website Featuring Multiple Clickbank & AdSense Income Opportunities

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   Multiple income links from Clickbank and Google's AdSense.

   Fully Automated - set it up once and every single time there's a new Affiliate Marketing video, your website gets updated "automagically!" 

  Dynamically Search Engine Friendly - using dynamic internal linking methods, you can be rest assured that every tag and link gets "crawled" by the search engines spiders. This can provide higher ranking in search engine results for your website. 

   You can edit any part of the site because it's designed with HTML templates.

   Complete installation manual with download

   No database! Just download, edit seven ID's in the config file and upload. That's it

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   $20.00 - $110.00 paid by Google for every one hundred ad clicks

   $10.00 - $45.00 per sale paid by Clickbank from 8 Clickbank Links per page PLUS high-converting, music-related Clickbank Links under each video thumbnail and actual video

   Easily make to $1,500/month income or more

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Resale Rights
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Name: Billboard Hot 50 Artist's Video Site - Resell Rights
Type: zipped files: graphics, php, html & pdf
File Size: 428k
Delivery: Download only. Link in email.
Price: $7.95
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