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By now you've probably heard about how much audio can add to your presentation, YouTube video, podcasts, and so forth. You can't just go out and use any old music, it has to be something you own the rights to. It needs to be royalty free.

Unfortunately this usually means going out and having something developed for your own use, or paying outrageous licensing fees for the right to use the piece for your needs. I've got good news...

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70+ Royalty Free Music Tracks

I have a collection of 70+ pieces of music that are royalty free. This means that once you purchase the music, you can do just about whatever you want with it. Use it in a YouTube video, podcast, audio postcard, and so forth.

These 70+ audios vary in length, some of them are about a minute in length, while others can be up to three minutes long. The music is from a variety of genres.

Here is the Complete Track List:

1. A day at the races
2. Battle March
3. Car crash 70's style
4. Chillout long
5. Chillout medium
6. Chillout short
7. Departing friend
8. electronic clav
9. Electronic talk
10. electronic
11. Eruptions long
12. Eruptions medium
13. Eruptions short
14. football practise
15. galactic flyby
16. Galloping horses
17. Groovy mandolin long intro
18. Groovy mandolin medium intro
19. Jazz bar long
20. Jazz Bar medium
21. Jazz Bar short
22. Let's race.mp3
23. Lift off
24. Long synth intro
25. Medium synth intro
26. Moody steel strung groove
27. On the farm
28. Scary footsteps
29. Short Synth fill
30. World groove
31. Frog Loop 1 - 16 sec
32. Frog Loop 1 - 32 sec
33. Frog Loop 2 - 16 sec
34. Frog Loop 2 - 32 sec
35. Frog Loop 3 - 16 sec
35. Frog Loop 3 - 32 sec
36. Frog Loop 4 - 16 sec
37. Frog Loop 4 - 32 sec
38. Frog Loop 5 - 16 sec
39. Frog Loop 5 - 32 sec
40. Frog Loop 6 - 16 sec
41. Frog Loop 6 - 32 sec
42. FrogLoopable 1
43. FrogLoopable 2
44. FrogLoopable 3
44. FrogLoopable 4
45. FrogLoopable 5
46. FrogLoopable 6
47. FrogLoopable 7
48. FrogLoopable 8
49. FrogLoopable 9
50. FrogLoopable 10
51. FrogLoopable 11
52. FrogLoopable 12
53. Loop 1
54. Loop 2
55. Loop 3
56. Loop 4
57. Loop 5
58. Loop 6
59. Loop 7
60. Loop 8
61. Loop 9
62. Loop 10
63. Loop 11
64. Loop 12
65. Loop 13
66. Loop 14
67. Loop 15
68. Loop 16
69. Loop 17
70. Loop 18
71. Loop 19
72. Loop 20
73. Loop 21
74. Loop 22
75. Loop 23
76. Loop 24
77. Loop 25
78. Loop 26
79. Loop 27
80. Loop 28
81. Loop 29
82. Loop 30
83. Loop 31

Here are 2 audio samples,
so you can check the quality
of these tracks:



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70+ Royalty Free Music Tracks will allow you to own the personal rights to a library of music across many genres.

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